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Goboat Canberra


We all know boating is great fun, but did you know it’s also good for your health?

Ground-breaking research has found boating and being on or near the water enhances our ‘blue mind’ which promotes calm, peacefulness and happiness, reduces our high stress and anxious red mind.

Marine biologist and author of best-selling book Blue Mind, Dr Wallace J Nichols finds the mere sight and sound of water triggers a positive biological response.

Boating increases our good hormones like serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine and reduces our high stress ones like cortisol.

As Dr Nichols says: “Being on the water gives our minds a break from noise and stimulation.

“Boating resets our brain, induces creativity, appeals to our senses and releases stress-reducing hormones.

“Boating is one of the best ways to access blue mind benefits and escape the anxious and distracted life on land,” Dr Nichols said.

He also found being on water helps deepen social connections and enhances relationships.

We could all do with a break from the stresses of life on land, focus on our mental health and improve our friendships.

Scientists say we are drawn to water because humans start our lives surrounded by a watery environment for the nine months before we’re born and the fact our brains are 75% water and our bodies 60%.

Water gives us life, so it’s no wonder seeing, being in or on it makes us happy and improves our mental health.

It’s also said the world’s most famous scientist, Albert Einstein, had his best ideas while out sailing – a pastime he loved – and a hobby which assisted him develop the laws of physics.

So whether you’re a budding Einstein, looking to reconnect with family or friends or just be your own captain, do your brain a favour, improve your mental health and book your GoBoat today!

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