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The Perfect Business Christmas Gift with GoBoat

Embark on a sustainable and memorable corporate gifting journey this Christmas with GoBoat gift cards.

Discover a unique blend of elegance, environmental responsibility, and timeless exploration. Our three-year-validity gift cards, free from blackout dates, offer the flexibility to plan an unforgettable waterway adventure. Ideal for clients, partners, and employees alike, these gift cards provide a thoughtful and versatile solution for your Christmas gifting.

Choose between our eco-friendly credit card-style physical cards or customisable digital certificates, presenting a unique and responsible gift that resonates with modern corporate values. Dive into a world where sustainability meets celebration, making GoBoat gift cards the perfect choice for those seeking an exceptional and responsible corporate gifting experience.

In the spirit of corporate generosity this holiday season, consider a gift that goes beyond the ordinary.

GoBoat gift cards offer a unique and sustainable experience, making them the perfect choice for expressing gratitude to your team and clients. Here's why GoBoat gift cards stand out in the world of corporate gifting this Christmas.

This Christmas, move beyond conventional corporate gifts and choose an experience that creates lasting memories in a responsible manner. Whether you're navigating the scenic waters of Brisbane, basking in the Gold Coast's golden sunsets, exploring Sydney's vibrant bays and inlets, experiencing the cultural richness of Canberra, or cruising along the Yarra River in Melbourne, GoBoat ensures a unique and unforgettable waterway adventure.

It's a chance to offer a break from the ordinary and make a positive impact on the environment, reinforcing your dedication to corporate values that extend beyond the boardroom. By choosing GoBoat, you're not just offering an experience; you're contributing to the preservation of our beautiful Australian waterways. It's a gift that aligns with your values of corporate responsibility and environmental stewardship.

GoBoat gift cards

GoBoat Gift Cards

GoBoat gift cards come with the generous gift of time – a three-year validity period with no blackout dates. This allows your recipients the flexibility to plan their waterway adventure at a time that suits them best. Whether it's a summer escapade or a winter retreat, GoBoat ensures that the gift of exploration is not only enjoyable but also sustainable.

Choose between our credit card-style physical cards or the modern appeal of digital certificates, reflecting your commitment to presenting a thoughtful and elegant gift. Our physical cards are crafted with sustainability in mind, utilising recycled and eco-friendly materials for a stylish yet responsible presentation. Our digital certificates offer a customisable touch, allowing you to add a personal flair while reducing the environmental impact of physical materials even further.

GoBoat gift cards combine the joy of exploration with a commitment to sustainability, making them a thoughtful and responsible choice for corporate gifting this Christmas. Extend the gift of time, elegance, and environmental responsibility to your team and clients, and let GoBoat redefine the way you express appreciation during this festive season.

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